Our Services

Updated June 2, 2016

Doc Sheldon

Intrinsic Value SEO – Oceania offers a full array of services, designed to help you make your business more efficient and profitable. These include:

Site Audit Service

Regardless of how well a site performs, there’s always room for improvement. As Google and the other search engines continue to improve their algorithms, ranking for a given term is becoming increasingly competitive. That means that even small improvements can make a difference.

Query Research Service

This used to be referred to as keyword research, but since the SERPs became segmented by query type, it is now much more. Rather than simply identifying search terms that users plug into the search engine, it's important to determine their intent. Organic ranking for navigational, informational or transactional search queries must each be approached differently.

SEO Consulting Service

Whether you're looking for advice on how to best proceed in optimising your site for search engines or would simply like to train your in-house staff, we're ready to take on the task. We spend several hours each day to keep our knowledge of what does and doesn't work current or ahead of the curve. Let us help you set the pace, rather than having to play catch-up with your competitors. They should be trying to catch up with you! Techniques that are highly effective for one site can spell failure for another, depending upon a number of factors.

Conversion Optimisation Service

Once targeted users arrive at your site, you have an opportunity to convert them into customers, but it isn't an automatic process. They need to be led, nurtured and reassured, in order to draw them to a successful conclusion. This is also a scientific process - tempered with just a bit of art.

Online Reputation Management Service

First category of ORM:
Positive ORM, in which your presence (this may be you or your brand) is promoted in such a way as to establish authority and trust. This is best accomplished gradually, and it’s becoming increasingly important. Our branding specialists can help you build your authority in your niche.

Paid Advertising Management Service

PPC campaigns require experience to be effective. Anyone can acquire more traffic by throwing away money… the key is to spend as little as possible while attracting highly targeted traffic, to maximize conversions and ROI.

Website Development Service

Very few businesses exist that won't benefit from having a web presence, but there are plenty of business owners that have neither the time nor the experience necessary to build a viable website themselves. Unfortunately, hiring a designer, developer and copywriter can be more expensive than some site owners are prepared to deal with. That's where we can help.
We build responsive WordPress sites, using a customised child theme to preserve those customisations. We incorporate optimal site architecture, navigation, technical SEO practices and other characteristics to provide a secure website that's built for your customers, but search engine friendly.