Conversion Optimization

Updated March 10, 2015

Doc Sheldon

Which would you rather have – 20,000 daily visits to your site, with a 2% conversion rate, or 10,000 with 5% conversion? If you answered 20,000, you’re not alone… too many people think that way.

The number of visitors means little to your business. In fact, it means nothing, if they’re not buying what you’re selling. Conversions are the only thing that really count, that add to your bottom line. And if you do the math, you’ll see that you’d be better off with the 10,000 visitors, converting at a higher rate.

Whether you’re selling widgets, building a mailing list or gathering subscribers for a newsletter, accomplishing that goal is what constitutes a conversion. Until they convert, each visitor is just a prospect.

If they’re qualified visitors – in other words, targeted – then an effective conversion funnel can coax them along until they convert. That’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Your conversion funnel begins with the meta description of your page, since that’s what Google will normally display in the SERPs. It entices the user to click through to view your page. The flavor of that description can partly set the user’s mood… and certainly sets their expectations.

When they arrive on the page from the SERPs, many other factors come into play… usability, the page’s aesthetics, readability, pageload speed and more. Your mission is to keep them receptive through every step of the funnel. Each satisfactory step will make a user a little more receptive to the next. But one stumble can send them packing.

CRO is about more than the color, size and placement of a “Buy Now” button or the wording of a CTA (call to action). Virtually every visible or functional aspect of your site can have an effect on a user’s behavior, even though they often won’t consciously recognize the effect. It’s a blend of a lot of science and a little art. And when it’s undetectable, it’s the most effective.

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