SEO Consulting

Updated March 10, 2015

Doc Sheldon

Depending upon who you ask, SEO either hasn’t changed much or it has changed a lot. In reality, both are true. Some things that used to work wonders are now ineffective (or perhaps should be avoided like the plague). Yet some things are as true, or more so, as they ever were. And one thing that’s still very true – in this game, things change at an amazing rate.

Some changes are minor in scope and effect, while others have massive effects. Regardless, it’s critical to pay attention to it all, as any change may spell peril or opportunity. And that’s what we do at IVSEO-AU… we keep our eyes and ears on search so we can give our clients the most up-to-date information available.

Because we spend a great deal of time staying abreast of developments in search, we know that we’re not going to miss any important changes. We also collaborate with a number of colleagues that are constantly testing new theories and techniques, so we often know what does or doesn’t work before it shows up online. This has let us help our clients get the jump on their competition several times, so we know it has value.

There are several ways in which we serve our clients, but perhaps the most satisfying is when we can consult with them, offering our experience, but also helping them learn. Because then we know they’re better prepared to act and react on their own. Counter-intuitive, perhaps, but we’d prefer to have former clients that are well-prepared than those that’ll have to come back to us because they got themselves into trouble.

Our consulting services can be tailored to your specific situation, of course. We can do it all or just part, we can review and advise or we can just answer your questions. Just let us know what level of involvement you’d like us to have and we’ll accommodate your needs. Contact us today for a prompt response.