Site Audit

Updated March 10, 2015

Doc Sheldon

There are two typical situations in which a site owner asks us to perform an audit of their website. One is when they simply want to increase their site’s performance and the other is when they think they’ve been penalized. The latter is far more common, unfortunately.

What does a site audit include?

There are many factors we examine during a site audit. Virtually anything that can affect the crawlability and indexing:

  • site architecture
  • URL structure
  • pagination
  • navigation
  • mobile responsiveness
  • languages and structure
  • status codes
  • internal linking
  • inbound link profile
  • outbound linking
  • meta data
  • crawl and index
  • sitemap
  • .htaccess
  • robots.txt
  • semantic markup
  • pageload speed
  • image handling
  • redirects
  • canonicals
  • browser compatibility
  • content quality/quantity
  • keyword usage








…. the list goes on. If it can have an effect, negative or positive, we address it.

When we’re done, we prepare a detailed written report, itemizing the state of each aspect, with specific, prioritized recommendations for correcting any deficiencies. We then make arrangements to go through the report with you over the phone, to ensure clear understanding. And we make ourselves available for follow-up, should any questions or problems arise.

In short, we tell you what is wrong and what is not as right as it could be, tell you what actions you should take and offer to hold your hand. If you’re in town, we’ll even offer to buy you a beer and discuss it some more, though the beer won’t help your rankings even a little.

Why audit your site?

A colleague recently coined a perfect response to this question. He called it DFP – distance from perfection. What that means is that regardless of how good a page may be set up for users and search engines, there’s always room for improvement. And the site that gets closest to perfection will be the winner.

Even when we audit a site that is apparently squared away in every sense (which is exceedingly rare), there’s still always room for improvement… something that can be done to get that site just a little closer to perfection. And that is always our goal… to get each site we work with as close to perfection as possible.

If you feel that you can benefit from having your site closer to perfection, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss what our site audit can help you accomplish for you and your business.