Website Development

Updated March 10, 2015

Doc Sheldon

We’re neither website developers nor designers – we’re an SEO agency that knows how to set up a WordPress website in a properly optimized fashion. If you need a fancy, highly-customized website with lots of special functions, we’re definitely not the people you need to be talking to.

However, we definitely are the folks you need to talk to if you’re in either of these situations:

  1. You need a relatively simple website, perhaps with a standard shopping cart and a premium theme, properly optimized for users and search engines from the ground up;
  2. You need someone to consult with your developer to ensure your website is properly optimized.

If you hire us to build your site, we’ll ensure that all the critical factors and other minutiae that contribute to an effective, engaging and rankable website are given proper consideration.

If you want us to work with your developer and/or designer, we’ll collaborate with them to ensure that the website they build for you will meet the same criteria.

Website Criteria

There are many aspects that should be addressed for any successful website – they’re the same sort of things we look at when we perform a site audit. As a minimum, they include the following:

  • Site architecture
  • URL structure
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Meta data
  • Navigation
  • Conversion
  • Internal linking
  • Content layout
  • Content quality
  • Relevance
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Browser compatibility
  • Pageload speed
  • Image handling
  • Sitemap (XML/HTML)
  • Crawl optimization
  • Efficient markup

Obviously, there are other considerations that may apply, but those are the basic aspects that should always be given attention. If your situation warrants more, we’ll certainly point it out, along with specific recommendations.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation and what we can do to help make your website a successful presentation of your business. We look forward to your call.