Service Evaluation

Updated March 10, 2015

Doc Sheldon

If you feel that you need assistance in choosing an SEO/SEM provider, we will be happy to help you find a capable and trustworthy provider. In order to remove any questions of conflict of interest, however, we have 2 provisos:

  1. If we’re hired to perform an evaluation of the performance of your SEO provider, we will not accept an offer to take over the job. We will simply grade the performance of your provider.
  2. If you hire us to find you a provider, we will prepare an RFP, interview various providers and give you our evaluation of their proposals. We’ll then supply you with a report, including our grading of the proposals received, but we will not recommend a specific provider, either on or off the list of bidders.

We decided to put the first proviso in place so that our clients would never have to wonder if we were presenting another agency or practitioner in a poor light, in order to take the job from them.

The second proviso exists so that you needn’t wonder if we’re receiving a “finder’s fee” or “kickback” for recommending a particular agency. You’re paying for our services, 100% dedicated to you… we have no other iron in the fire.